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What is a CV?

What exactly is a Curriculum Vitae? Is it a List of your Skills and Experience? Is it a Mini Biography? Is it a chance to get someone to fully appreciate your Skills and Achievements?

Truth be known, It’s none of these.

A CV in its purest form is nothing more and nothing less than a chance to market yourself to prospective recruiters and employers to increase your chances of being invited to an interview. A CV is an Interview-Winning Tool. It is not a Personal Biography, or a List of your skills and experience, it is a fluid document which means different things to different people, but is relevant to all.

CV Myths:

  • Before looking at what makes a good CV, lets first dispel a few myths:

  • ‘The more they know about me, the more chance they have of being impressed’

  • Wrong! Too many people make the mistake of thinking that the more information they can cram onto their CV the better. This is not the case.

'My CV should detail everything I’ve ever done. Ever.’

  • Wrong! Employers don’t want to know about the time you worked as an office junior for acme chemicals when you were 16 and just left school, if you’re now a 45-year-old senior manager with 26 years experience under your belt!

  • It doesn’t matter if my CV doesn’t look perfect, my experience will be enough to impress any employer’

  • Wrong! If you’re CV is not easily readable, employers will simply bin it, and move on to the next one. Why should they spend valuable time trying to digest your CV when they have 300 other applications to look through?

What Do Employers look for?

  • When preparing your CV it’s very important to write it with your audience in mind. What will they be looking for? What specific skills and experience will they want to see in candidates? By thinking hard about what your prospective employers are looking for, you be in a better position to write a more effective CV.

As a rule, your CV will impress an employer if it displays the following:

  • An emphasis on the role you are applying for

Ask you friends or colleagues to read your CV and see if they can tell the exact position you are looking for. If they can’t, neither will your employer, and they may not understand why you are applying to work in the position they are offering.

  • A CV that is recent and up to date

Can your prospective employer look at your CV and tell exactly what is you are doing at this exact point in time? If not, you are leaving this to their imagination – Keep your CV up to date and eliminate all doubt!

  • A Clear, Easy to Read Layout

Does your CV clearly detail your achievements, or are they hidden with your responsibilities? Is your CV a concise two pages in length, or is it more like a five page essay? Is your CV Crammed with dense, hard to read writing, or is there plenty of ‘White Space’. If your CV is not easy to read, it will not be read.

Sound Tricky?

Writing an effective CV is one of the most difficult tasks you will ever have to do for your job search. It is an accepted fact that is incredibly difficult for an individual to write an effective CV because they do not have the ability to be objective – Every piece of information is important and cannot be edited or removed. This leads to a very cluttered, difficult to read CV. It is worth considering getting your CV Professionally Prepared by Independent Consultants, as they have the objectivity and experience required to pull out the most relevant bits of information, and focus on what employers want to see, not what you want them to see.

Insurance Jobs One has been designed to make searching for your next new job in insurance as quick and simple as possible. Our site uses the latest technology and we offer some very helpful and useful resources. For example we give you advice on Interview Techniques and you can even use our CV builder to create a CV for FREE As the internet continues to expand and develop and is now considered by most as an effective tool to find pretty much whatever information you need. Most of the UK now has access to the internet as Broadband continues to be rolled out and the super highway has never been quicker. We foresee that eventually most of the major UK employers will use the internet as an alternative to print advertising in their quest to find new staff and employees. Insurance Jobs One will continue to play a big part in bringing together candidates and Employers on a nationwide basis. Please make use of the insurance industry information we provide. Some of the articles and documents may well help on the way to securing a new interview or job. Insurance Jobs One covers jobs specifically in the insurance and related financial services industries, such as Life and Pensions, Investments and Stock Broking. You can also find Insurance related Jobs in several other industries where they may have an Insurance and Financial Services requirement such as:

Aerospace Jobs Engineering Jobs Recruitment Jobs
Media Jobs Sales Jobs Public Sector Jobs
Chemical Jobs IT Jobs Construction Jobs
Catering Jobs Retail Jobs Accountancy Jobs
Insurance Jobs Legal Jobs Teaching Jobs

Insurance Jobs One wants you to find that perfect new insurance job and we really hope that you find the information provided by our site helpful. Many of the jobs advertised on the site change on a weekly basis, new ones are added and old ones filled so if you cant find that special job today please check back again soon.  The jobs advertised on this site are continually updated and at one point or another we have had every conceivable type insurance job you can imagine advertised in pretty much every area of the United Kingdom.  We would also recommend these other specific industries which also carry insurance related vacancies and they may be of use to you in your job hunting:





































Insurance Jobs One is one of the most simple to use insurance job sites on the internet. You can browse our site to search for insurance job vacancies, employment, work and careers. We offer many useful career guides and documents to help you find and secure your next job in insurance. You can search for advertised vacancies either by skill sector, location or trade. Our site carries a wide and varied selection of insurance job vacancies from some of the UK's leading employers many of which are looking for candidates just like you. 

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